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14. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

14.1 Why is it called J-Pilot? Its not written in Java.

Answer: Originally I wrote this program for Myself and my Wife to use. The J was for Judd or Jacki. Not much thought was put into this. Then, out of the goodness of my heart, I wanted to release it under the GPL.

I asked around for some better names, but I didn't come up with one. gtkpilot would be more appropriate, but I hate typing gtk.

14.2 Why do you give it away for free?

Answer: 1. Because I can. 2. World Domination.

I would like to see Linux, become the dominate desktop both in the workplace and at home. This is one of my contributions to help make it happen. The more people that use Linux at home, the more I benefit from the hardware support and commercial software that will become available.

The more Linux/Unix is used in the office, the more pleasant my job becomes. If I drove cars for a living, I'd rather be driving Ferraris and Corvettes around than Chevettes and Yugos.

14.3 Are you going to Gnome-ify it, or KDE-ify it?

Answer: I don't run KDE, or Gnome, and at this point I don't even know what it would take to do this. If someone else wants to do this, that is ok. My only requirement is that KDE, or Gnome isn't required to run J-Pilot.

I take pride in the fact that Linux/Unix has many window managersavailable to use.

14.4 How do I cut-and-paste?

Answer: Cut is ctrl-c and paste is ctrl-v.

14.5 The sync or backup quits because of ,,weird packages``. What's the problem?

Answer: A know limitation of either the pilot-link package (i.e. pilot-xfer) or the Linux serial port. Either is still in discussion. Some PCs seem to have problems with higher transmission speeds. Solution: Set the serial speed to 9600. That should fix the problem.

14.6 I installed a plugin but it won't show up in JPilot. Now what?

Answer: First be sure to restart JPilot after installing the plugin since JPilot looks for plugins only at startup in $BASEDIR/share/jpilot/plugins.

If you obeyed the installation hints from the plugin author, the plugin should be in $BASEDIR/share/jpilot/plugins. If not, try to find out where it went and copy the files of the plugin into $BASEDIR/share/jpilot/plugins by hand.

Still no plugin? Then it's reasonably safe to think that either the plugin is not compatible to JPilot or JPilot is not installed correctly. Also check above under Plugins.

14.7 JPilot cannot connect to the Palm. Why?

Answer:This normally is related to

14.8 Can I sync JPilot and Gnomecard?

Answer:Yes, there are three perl scripts to synchronize jpilot (pdb+pc3) and gnomecard (vCard) written by Christian Feldbauer. You can download these from
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